A Consultation With Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Raj Chopra

The consultation with a cosmetic surgeon prior to your procedure is a very important process because it allows you to convey what is most important for you individually and it provides the opportunity to discuss these concerns in a confidential meeting.  One of the most important factors for successful facial plastic surgery is the relationship between you and your surgeon. 

During your consultation you will have the opportunity for a one on one discussion with Dr. Chopra.  He will discuss your desired changes and expectations, review your medical history and current health, and make an assessment on which procedure or procedures are right for you.  During your consultation, you should be prepared to be candid about your medical history, any medications, allergies, habits, and background which could affect the outcome of the surgery.  In addition this is a good time to ask specific questions about the procedures so that you are fully prepared, mentally and emotionally.   Dr. Chopra will discuss the results that can be achieved, with the aid of photos and computer imaging. 

When a final decision is made, you will be scheduled for a second consultation where you will again go over the goals of your procedure with Dr. Chopra and you will need to sign an informed consent stating that you are fully aware and understand what is entailed with your pending procedure, including the potential complications and secondary effects. 

For patients who are from out of town, our staff is well-trained to make sure your visit to Beverly Hills for your consultation as well as your return trip for your procedure are pleasurable ones.  Whether you need assistance reserving a nearby hotel room, arranging for transportation within Los Angeles, or if you would like to see our surgery aftercare facilities, please allow us to help you organize your trip.

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